About Us



20th-26th, October, 2014

Marina Bay, Singapore


The Maritime RobotX Challenge is one of international competitions about autonomous ship organized by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) Foundation. The first challenge will be held in Marina Bay, Singapore at 20th-26th , October, 2014 with 15 teams from 5 countries: Australia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, USA.

This competition is designed to compete for an ability to operate autonomous robotics system applied to marine. Each team of this challenge should select appropriate equipment for propulsion and various sensors for their control and design the whole system to perform 5 missions. A standard boat called WAM-V is provided to each team by The Office of Naval Research (ONR).

     Team MOMO

from Seoul National University, South Korea



 Team MOMO consists of 10 students (2 students of graduated course, 8 students of under-graduated course) in from an autonomous ship society belong to a department of  Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering (NAOE) of Seoul Nat’l Univ.



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