Task 1: Demonstrate Navigation and Control (MANDATORY)

All teams must complete this task at the start of each of their runs before continuing to other tasks to demonstrate autonomous control of the vessel. In this Task the craft must maneuver autonomously along a marked course, beginning at the START point, traversing a linear course marked by two sets of buoys (“gates”). The START point GPS position will be provided for each course, but the teams must detect and navigate through the START GATE and END GATE autonomously.


Task 2: Underwater Search and Report

In this Task, the craft must successfully identify and locate a specific underwater device that is emitting an acoustic signal.


Task 3: Identify Symbol and Dock

In this Task, the craft must successfully identify one of three marked docking bays, locate it, maneuver to enter the correct bay, stop, and then maneuver to exit the bay, subsequently moving on to the next task or terminating the run.


Task 4: Observe and Report

In this Task, the craft will be required to conduct observation of a “light buoy” to determine the sequential light pattern it flashes. The craft must autonomously report the color sequence of the buoy light. The light buoy for this task will not be activated until the vehicle has started its autonomous mission run on the competition course.


Task 5: Detect and Avoid Obstacles

In this Task, the craft must navigate to through a designated ENTRY GATE (1, 2, or 3), travel autonomously through an arrangement (or field) of various floating, but stationary obstacles, and complete the course by passing through the designated EXIT GATE (X, Y, or Z). The objective is to traverse the course in the shortest time, avoiding completely all obstacles and gates (no contact allowed).



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